Atimana - Associazione Tecnica Internazionale del Mastino Napoletano

Atimana – Associazione Tecnica Internazionale del Mastino Napoletano

Online registration form

Please fill out the registration form carefully. The Registration is binding. By registering you accept the exhibition regulations of ACI e.V.

Please transfer the registration fees to the European Molossian Union e.V. Bank Account at Volksbank Franken Buchen Bank. Account number IBAN DE94 6746 1424 0012 7941 00. BIC GENODE61BUC. Thank you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the office per mail immediately.


I (we) have read the exhibition regulations, data protection declaration and the event registration and accept them 100%.

Animal welfare requirements: There is a ban on exhibitions in accordance with the ACI exhibition regulations for the following dogs from home and abroad:

Ears cropped. Tail docked. Exception: Hunting use in accordance with the German Animal Welfare Act / Only for FCI-recognized hunting dog breeds.

Every participating dog must be vaccinated against rabies (take your vaccination certificate with you).

Exhibition ban: It is forbidden to exhibit dogs or organize exhibitions with dogs, in which body parts, in particular ears or tail, have been completely or partially amputated in violation of animal welfare or

in which it is hereditary Body parts or organs are missing or unsuitable for their intended use or have been redesigned, resulting in pain, suffering or damage, behavioral disorders associated with suffering occur or

any species - appropriate contact with members of the same species leads to pain or avoidable suffering or damage to themselves or to a member of their own species, or the posture is only possible with pain or avoidable suffering or leads to damage.

Sentence 1 applies accordingly to all events in which dogs are compared, tested or otherwise assessed.

Please note §11 of the Animal Protection Law.

Thank you.

Online Registration Form for International Dog Shows

This form is for internet users who wish to register their dogs online for international dog shows and tandem breed dog exhibitions. Please note that registration is legally binding and obligates payment of the registration fees.

Download: Form for the certificate for participation in dog events Veterinary certificate According to the Animal Welfare Act §11 and §11b, dogs must be free of torture breeding characteristics.

Step 1

Declaration of consent: I have read and understood the conditions. Please confirm. *
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Dog Show Registration

Please register for both shows if desired.

You may also choose to register for a single show. In the next step, please select the appropriate class. Note that if you participate in both events, double fees apply. -> Ensure all required fields (*) are filled.

Registration for Mastino Napoletano Show
Please select the desired title.

Step 2



Please select a field based on breed and class.

The fee for each class is listed next to it. Please note that charges apply.

Keep in mind that when registering your dog for the show, the class fee is applicable for each registered show.

Please select the appropriate class, and for higher classes, provide the necessary documentation.

Please select the correct class.

Dog Information

Please enter your dog's details.

Ensure that the information matches the pedigree.

Bring your documents to the show (pedigree, vaccination records, health certificates, proof of achieved championships, and performance records).

Breed Selection

Please choose your breed from the breed list for today's Mastino Napoletano show.

Please select your breed from the breed list!
Please enter the name of the dog here. You will find the name of your dog in the pedigree.
Please enter the ZB No. (studbook number) here. See pedigree.
Please enter the date of birth (litter date) of the dog here.
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Please send us the health certificates (test results) of your registered dog via upload.

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